Cranfield describe themselves as Brit pop, post-rock, progressive, and psychedelic. At first listen, it’s a bit difficult to hear the latter three descriptors. But as you listen through the album, the three piece definitely start introducing those elements to their songs. It’s not outwardly apparent that they add these other genres to the music, but by the end it becomes clear.

cranfield a night's band

The most defining description of Cranfield is melodic. All of the songs are full of interwoven melodies that start at the vocals. It’s impressive that the trio can create such complex songs. You will probably hear more indie pop rock on the surface of each song. The British-influence can be heard the most on each song, but take songs like “Kaleidoscope” which add the other described styles and you can hear the expanded sound of the band much easier.

While Cranfield have a very good album, it’s hard to find a true standout single. “A Sandcastle” is a strong song, but it doesn’t sound that different from other songs. Though the slower tempo does help and the differing rhythms on the drums is interesting. A Night’s Band will find its fans rather easy. It has a unique sound, but focuses a lot on melody in all aspects.

The album is good and enjoyable to listen to, but it does have a tendency to get blurred into the background. The instrumentation is good and the songs are enjoyable, but the lack of a standout track makes it hard to really get entranced by the album entirely.

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