I was lucky enough to see PosT PANiC live once. After their change from TheUnited93, it had been a wait for their official release. While I enjoyed the live performance a lot, complete with a crazy amount of energy, I feel like Outer Space restrains the band for accurately portraying their complete sound. The songs themselves are great, but there’s a disconnect somewhere.

post panic outer space

The electronica/synth supported punk rock of the band gives it a different edge than other bands, and the songs are upbeat and fast tempo and it’s a lot of fun to listen through the album on repeat. There’s not a song that feels like it shouldn’t be on the album and all the flourishes the synth adds on the songs are great. PosT PANiC definitely have a different sound than other bands and they prove that on Outer Space.

But as great as the songs are, it’s possible the album was mixed to put all the elements on the same level. The impact that should be heard at the ends of verses isn’t always there. PosT PANiC’s Outer Space is a very good album when it’s given the chance, but a lot of the time it feels too polished and even.

Considering the insane energy that the band had when I saw them live, the recorded album doesn’t have the same energy and that’s disappointing. The band makes really good songs and they get really addictive. Outer Space just doesn’t have that same impact.


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