LudiSTELO‘s second single presents a different side of the music by the trio. The first single Play The Earth was much more organic and broad in the sound. With Delight, the music has a much more tightly implemented sound of electronica and synth rock.

ludistelo delight

But the differences in the two singles is actually very good. It shows that the band isn’t focused on presenting one type of sound, but rather a mixture of influences that can result in a variety of great songs. “Jungle Activity” has a perfect mix of rock and electronica. Neither style is the primary focus on the song and allows each to speak evenly on the song.

The second song, “Delight,” has a very similar feel to Sangjin Park‘s other band Ratios. It adds a layer of polyrhythms to create a groove throughout the song very quickly. It’s apparent that the synthesizer is the main instrument on the song and the guitar fills in with riffs and adds a lot of flourishes around the vocals. The last song “Sunset of Your Sky” follows “Delight,” but the electro-rock style is like a combination of the two previous songs.

It’s great that Delight is different than Play The Earth because it shows off the talent of the band. The arrangements of the songs are complex and sound like they are precisely practiced. As the band continues to release singles, the ability of the trio is apparent and they continue to use previous experience to make excellent electronica and rock mixed songs.

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