Black Skies released a bit under the radar. After they signed to Fluxus Music, I kind of lost track of the band. While I saw the release of Black Skies, I forgot to pick it up. If you’ve listened to From the Airport before, then you will be familiar with what “Black Skies” will sound like.

from the airport black skies

The one song single isn’t a big step away from previous releases, but does have a broader sound. The signature guitar sound is still the main instrument, accompanied by the synth melodies. There is a definite growth in the music and sounds like From the Airport are prepping to make a big “official” debut.

Unfortunately with only the one song, it’s not really apparent what direction the duo will be going into as they continue to make music. It’s probably one of their best songs, and that makes me excited for an official full-length, but it’s unknown when that may happen. Until them, the small library of songs that the duo has will have to make do. Though I’m sure when they released their EP, it will be a perfect new introduction to From the Airport.

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