I heard of Guten Birds through Mohho. She released her solo album, but mentioned the band in her interview. I didn’t know the album was available outside of Korea, but found it online and listened through it in one listen. With six songs, there is a chance that it is a selection of unconnected songs.

guten birds gullible

In the case of Gullible, Guten Birds capture the core of their music and repeatedly present it in great ways on the EP. “I’ll have nothing” shows the alternative rock that the band is cemented in playing. If you’ve been looking for excellent alternative rock, then Gullible is a must listen. The first song “I’ll have nothing” is a great introduction with crunchy, distorted guitars, and Mohho providing coarse vocals that fit perfectly. The band slows down a bit on “Call My Name” but offer the same energy on the song. The slower tempo allows Mohho to provide more melody.

“Bye, Bye” has a similar feeling to Mohho Project, but combined with a full band the sound is expanded. All the songs on Gullible hit the right beats and the EP never gets boring. “You In the Mirror” is my favorite song because it sounds like organized chaos that’s honed perfectly. At times it feels like the song emerge from the band experimenting and resulted in an excellent song. The last song “Smile, Kimchi, and Cheese” is a great song. I can’t explain why, it’s just a song that has great verses that make your head follow each beat.

Guten Birds released an excellent EP. It’s tone is perfect and it’s sad that I missed it when it first released. I’m hoping that there’s more music coming from the band in the near future.

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