I spent some time going through older releases on bandcamp and came across Label. A collection of pop rock mixed with a bit of synth additions, We are living in the age of a star is an album that takes a couple of repeats to get into. I listened through the nine song album in one go, but wasn’t immediately drawn into any of the songs.

label we are living in the age of a star

On the second listen, I took a closer approach and I started to appreciate the songs. The first track, “Fireworks,” has a lot of similarities to other bands that use synth to add another level to their music and that’s why the music didn’t catch my ear. But on that second and third listen to the album, I really started to hear how good the music was. It has an older pop rock sound that is accented with the synth that makes appearances.

Remove the synth and you still get some really great rock songs. It’s the song “Planemo” that will grab your attention. It’s surprising that with nine songs, Label is able to include a fully developed album. There are some recognizable elements from bands like Nell on the first verse of songs. Then you get to songs like “New Age” which sounds like a cross between Rock ‘N’ Roll Radio and Haute Couture-era Glen Check.

I think that’s what makes Label so interesting. We are living in the age of a star released in November 2013, but I didn’t hear anything about the album. It’s albums like this that show how varied the music of South Korea can be. It’s a solid first release and the band should have a lot more to show on their next release.

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