It’s difficult to describe Somebirds. The first song on Shut It Up is a misdirection because it sounds like a rock-rap rock song. One the verses it changes slightly, but it’s hard to know if this it the signature of the band. Then on the second song, “Korean Salamander,” the music is much more laid back and carries a immediate groove.


On the same song, you hear the distorted guitar like on “Shut It Up,” but behind the melody. Marked as an indie rock band, the band continues to be a bit of a mystery. “Shall We?” is a slower piano driven song with female vocals, much different from the other songs. This continues with “Nostalgia” by featuring a guitar and programmed beats. It’s like the band really just made any song that they thought sounded good. That’s the strange thing with Somebirds. Each song is good, even when it shouldn’t be.

They switch slightly on “In the Rain” by becoming a light indie pop band with various melodies layering over one another. It’s the massive variety over ten songs that makes Shut It Up thing you’re listening to a compilation of bands rather than just one. The album does have standout songs, but others might speak to you different.

Somebirds have a good album, though the lack of a cohesive theme might confuse some people. You could listen to these songs in a different order and hear an entirely separate theme. The band has a good album with Shut It Up and it would be interesting to see them live.

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