I stumbled on Googolplex by chance. I didn’t really know what kind of music to expect. It’s more interesting because I found them before I found Sirena. The duo make what they describe as Glo-fi/dreampop and I have to agree with the description. It’s very ambient and melodic creating a specific audio landscape that is very interesting.

googolplex behind the eyes

The nine song EP comes across very direct with the first song, “Blind.” It’s a heavily layered song with a lot of samples and synth, but actually sounds rather simple. “Blind” has a feeling that it’s part of a bigger song and you’re getting a small taste. While some people might think there’s a lot of repetition to the style, that can mainly be heard in the percussion of each song which uses the same sample style. The difference is in the melody and how it mixes with other elements that are in songs.

It’s funny because Googolplex fix perfectly next to Yukari style of electro-pop. The two complement each other very well. Even with nine songs, the EP feels like a complete release with enough variety in the style to maintain an interest. It’s also an album that works perfectly on repeat listens. I do think that Googolplex is a mood-specific listen, though it fits a lot of circumstances.

The duo make music that focuses on melody and their description fits. If you’ve been looking for artists similar to Yukari, you can find it with Googolplex. The electronica/pop/synth genre has a lot of different artists and it’s amazing that the music has such a variety.

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