Standing Egg usually present good indie pop albums, but with Moment the group release an instrumental album. It’s a much more calmer and mellow album that highlights the piano. Moment is a lot more “easy listening” than their other albums, but if you enjoy the band then you will probably like this album as well.

standing egg moment

Hearing Moment is surprising because of the lack of vocals. The album also sits in a different place because it sounds more like a soundtrack than their previous works. A departure from their more pop style, songs like “휴식” don’t have the recognizable style that’s been heard before. I’m not sure why the band decided to release an album of mainly piano tracks. Moment’s best feature is that the songs don’t feel like simple extra tracks. These instrumentals all feel like a lot of work went into composing them.

If you’ve been waiting for more standard Standing Egg songs, then the album may disappoint, but this album is a great step away to cleanse your mind. The calming mood that the release creates is great. It’s an album that doesn’t highlight itself as a Korean release, but a solid set of tracks.

Released at the end of 2013, Moment showcases a different side of the band. Whether the entire band worked on the songs or it was just a set of B-sides that were collected into an album, it’s still worth the listen. It really shows that bands can move beyond the recognized style they usually play and show something different.

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