I heard of Han Sohyun before I knew she was a part of 3rd Coast. The trio hasn’t had a lot of releases with First Collection released in 2008. It’s a mix of electro-jazz and some funk elements. There’s definitely a groove-focus in the music.

3rd coast first collection

Han Sohyun’s vocals are perfect for the songs. While it’s a step away from her solo release, it’s easy to hear how versatile her voice is. On the song “Lost” it flows throughout the song creating another layer of melody rather than sitting as the main focus of the song. The music is also very dance friendly with the instrumentals creating dance-pop beats. The music is expertly composed. Producer Gwon Seongmin creates really excellent instrumentals that allow Han Sohyun and Choi Jiho to showcase their talents.

I don’t know if you could also apply a Soul and R&B tag to the music, but it shows itself on “My Soul.” The variety of the music on First Collection isn’t too wide, but does allow for the different styles to really show the talents of each member. The release is pretty long with 13 songs. I think I’m most impressed with how Han Sohyun can change her vocals to fit each of the songs. Each instrumental is interesting too because they have a core theme, but each one sounds different.

First Collection is an excellent set of songs. I’m not sure if the trio are working on a new album together with the last release from 2010, but it would be interesting to hear what kind of music they would release. They recently released a single for the drama Emergency Man and Woman called “Love Again” and they haven’t lost their touch.

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