Startline‘s Light My Fire was a favorite of last year, bringing pop punk back to my ears. It had been a long time since I listened to the genre and the EP was very nostalgic. The trio came back with a single “Time Goes By” and it’s a definite expansion of the band’s sound.

startline time goes by

This song is broader in it’s appeal featuring a very simple intro with drums, guitar, and vocals before jumping into the third verse when dual vocals and power chords and bass add in. The chorus also features Won Zena supporting Jung Ho Jun with the genre’s signature “whoa-oh-oh” background chorus. “Time Goes By” shows a stronger harmony between the male-female vocals and the drumming by Choi Gun is still complex even for the mid-tempo song.

While I had hoped for more songs, the single song does show that the band’s potential is pretty wide. Hopefully, they don’t only release new singles and have a full length out in 2014. I’m excited at what other songs the band has in their library that haven’t been revealed through official releases.

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