If you jumped into exploring Korean independent music in 2014, you might miss My Aunt Mary because of their age. With releases between 1999 to 2008, the band had been around for a long time. It’s strange going back this far because you hear older styles that have also influenced newer bands. My Aunt Mary’s Self-titled first album is 11 tracks of rock. The simplistic recording of the album doesn’t quite capture everything, but the music is really enjoyable.

my aunt mary self titled

Hearing music from 1999 and it has a different feel. My Aunt Mary’s songs are more mellow rock which could also be because of the simple recording of the three piece. The songs are really good though. There aren’t a lot of extra flourishes to the songs as they move from verse to chorus. There are a lot of different voices in the songs from low key songs to what sound like more alternative rock. Even though a mellow tone follows each song, there is a good variety in what you will hear.

It’s really fun to hear music from the late 90s because it has a different feeling to it and it’s easy to hear how much has progressed over the years. An interesting bit of trivia is that after the band stopped producing albums, Jung Soonyong continued to make music in Thomas Cook and Han Jinyoung now plays bass for Yellow Monsters.

My Aunt Mary’s full-length is a great window into the music of the late 90s in South Korea. It’s also music that still lasts today. There’s a classic feeling to the album and it still can sit next to recent albums of mellow rock. If you’re trying to explore all the different bands, My Aunt Mary is a must listen.

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