I’m familiar with Big Phony‘s acoustic style, but when he released Long Live The Lie and Bobby at the same time, I was a bit more interested in his exploration of a different style. According to the album description, Big Phony started work on the album on his laptop with a “limited knowledge of making electronic music.” He then reached out to Enik Lin of IAMMEDIC who took working pieces of songs and reworking them to help craft what ultimately became the album.

big phony long live the lie

I took a quick sample of Bobby before diving into Long Live The Lie. One of the best aspects of the album is how well Big Phony’s vocals meld with the instrumentals and create a strange tangent in his music. But his assisted experiment into electronic music is successful. Long Live The Lie shows that Big Phony’s voice can work in any genre. Acoustic to electronic is a big step, but the arrangements of the songs is excellent and the instrumentals are perfect in supporting his vocals.

Songs like “No Need to Hang Your Head” are transfixing. It draws you in and doesn’t let go. Listening through the entire album without realizing it is entirely possible. With 10 songs, it’s amazing how well developed each song is and how each one can stand alone. But combined into the album, it’s like a soundtrack to a film. I wouldn’t want Big Phony to venture away from his signature sound, but it would be amazing to hear more exploration into this genre.

Big Phony creates amazing songs on his own. But this collaboration on Long Live The Lie is amazing. It hits all the perfect points and emotions. A person who never heard of Big Phony might think this is his primary style. I really don’t know how the album can be this perfect to my ears.

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