Only recently discovering 사람12사람, I realize that I missed a really interesting release from 2013. An EP composed of excellently crafted electronic instrumentals and haunting vocals, Raindrop, Cloud, Typhoon and the Sun is another example of the insanely amazing electronic genre of South Korea. 사람12사람’s duo mixes the two elements to create ambient audio textures that stick to the ears.

saram12saram raindrop cloud typhoon and the sun

“Wind Blow” is the song that sticks out the most. It starts with a mellow guitar melody that’s followed by the female vocals. In some verses, it sounds like the vocals are a half-beat behind, but when the main melody starts, everything falls in sync. The slow build-up of the instrumentals create an unique environment. The vocals never rise in tone giving the song a restrained tone. The with “The Grave,” 사람12사람 presents similar but different track. It’s surprising that even with similar elements being used on songs, there isn’t any overlap in style. Each song sits separately.

While the EP only has five songs, it definitely feels like a full-length. It could be because of the slow tempos, but Raindrop, Cloud, Typhoon and the Sun never drags. Actually, at the end with “Those Days” featuring eAeon it leaves a wanting feeling for more music.

사람12사람 are definitely another example of how diverse the electronic genre is in Korea. While a lot of bands use a mixture of synth in their music, the electronic genre’s musicians are really creating something incredible. The EP is outstanding. Exploring the genre has lead to a lot of great releases and 사람12사람 is another one.

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