I never heard of HEO until I saw Structure on bandcamp. The first song, “Sound of A,” is an electronic and synth track featuring layers of samples, guitar, and effects. My original thought was that the album would be nine tracks in this style.

heo structure

This continued with “Luna” which is a more customary song that is another electronic and synth track with vocals. It’s actually my favorite song because all the different elements mixed together create an amazing track. The overlay of male and female vocals, provided by Kim Bo-Yeong, are excellent and mix perfectly together. But then the album switches with “Word of Silence” which features female vocals over an electronic rock song. The natural elements of a band are accented some synth additions giving the song a very atmospheric tone.

Then moving through the album, “Reckless” sounds like an updated 80s new wave synth song. It’s got a pulsing beat and a lot of energy even though the overall tone of the song is a but darker. HEO switches with the next track, “All the things are passing by.” It’s an song with guitar as the primary melody that’s given more depth with the addition of effects and a sampled drum beat. The way that HEO mixes synth into the songs is amazing because it feels very natural.

Structure explores a lot of different genres while using synth and electronic sounds as the main connection. HEO uses the effects and samples in incredible ways to give songs a lot of depth. Each song has an orchestral feeling because of how much is happening on each beat. Even when there isn’t much going on, the empty beats are an instrument of their own. HEO’s Structure is the second album and it’s one that’s well worth the listen.

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