From the Airport was one of those great discoveries through bandcamp. I found their first single there and have been watching them since. They released a couple more singles on the site and then signed to Fluxus Music.

Chemical Love is the first official EP from the band, providing two new songs “Chemical Love” and “Distinct Memories of the Common Boy” alongside previously released songs “Black Skies” and album versions of “Timelines” and “Raining.” If you’ve never heard From the Airport before, then the EP is the perfect introduction.

from the airport chemical love

With the new songs, it’s apparent that the duo have been polishing their songwriting. “Chemical Love” is definitely a progression from their previously released songs. The duo’s ability to compose really excellent melodic electronic and synth rock songs is now much more apparent. “Distinct Memories Of The Common Boy” sounds like a more mature From the Airport and that the duo is expanding the boundaries of the music they want to create. The EP is a sign that there are incredible things coming from the band.

The re-released songs still contain that recognizable style, but they do show their age next to the new songs. It does show the progression of the music really well though and how the new songs start and finish the EP take a listener in a journey of the band’s progression.

I have a lot of expectation with From the Airport because I’ve been listening to each new song as they were released. The album version of the older songs are updated, but the additions to the songs are noticeable because I’ve listened to the older songs so much.

If From the Airport’s Chemical Love is the first time you’ve heard the band, then you’re in the perfect place. If you listened to the duo from past releases, then you’ll be able to hear the progression from the duo. Now with a label in place, hopefully they can work on a full-length with brand new songs and really showcase themselves for audiences worldwide.

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