The seven song EP from Dead Gakkahs‘ doesn’t even break seven minutes and I can’t get enough of it. A blend of punk, speedcore, and a lot of screaming, Dead Gakkahs present a raw and tough sound that gets to the point and then stops. The EP is perfect for punk fans and those who are looking for a familiar sound in Korean music that they might have not been able to find before.

dead gakkahs

Two of the seven songs are Sugar Pie Koko covers who I’m not familiar with, but the energy on every song is amazing. The furious guitar and bass are strenuously somehow confined by the insane drumming on each song. I don’t even know if I can hear a chorus or if it’s just verse to verse and then the end of the song. Dead Gakkahs make an immediate impression and then the EP is over.

But for people who want more melody in their music, you won’t find it on Dead Gakkahs. The music moves so fast that it’s a “here and gone” feeling. I do want to hear more music from the band because their performance is addictive. The tempos move to so fast and the guitars move at a lightning pace. The drumming is also impeccable hitting so many notes and beats before cutting out at the end.

Even though it’s considered a demo, I hope that Dead Gakkahs continue to record music in their raw style because it allows all the energy and style to be heard easily. If there’s too much mixing and mastering with their punk style, I think it could get washed out. Dead Gakkahs have a perfect introduction with the demo EP and it needs to stay that way.

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