“Nothing But You” starts Dead ButtonsWhoever You Are and the mixture of blues and rock made me think I was listening to something a little unusual. Once the verses started, I got hooked into the way Dead Buttons mixes a lot of different genres together. There are hints of punk in the chorus and the vocals are perfect for the music.

dead buttons whoever you are

Consisting of two members with just guitar and drums, Ji-Hyun Hong and Kang-Hee Lee create excellent music that doesn’t lack from a missing bass player. The guitar and drums communicate with each other perfect giving the song substance and power. With five songs, Whoever You Are can feel a little short, but that’s mainly because you will want to hear more music from the duo. “Want It” is a more customary garage rock song, and with the upbeat tempo it’s easy to get drawn in.

I’m always surprised when a band can create music with a minimal amount of tools and Dead Buttons is an example of that. They really know how to make addictive music with repeating verses and support from the instrumentals to keep the ears interested. As the duo present different styles on each song, they have a core rock style that centers each song to the EP. But it’s a release that makes you listen to it on repeat.

Dead Buttons’ music is excellent. With the mixture of styles, the band goes in a lot of musical directions while keeping it interesting and fun to hear. I’m hoping that the band will be able to record and release more music because Whoever You Are is a just a sample.

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