I was introduced to Gonne Choi by a friend. Released in 2013, Real is a short five song release. An EP of mellow and simple vocal and guitar songs, Gonne Choi really presents her music through her excellent and melodic voice accompanied by her acoustic guitar.

gonne choi real

One of the interesting aspects of her songs is that she mixes Korean and English on songs very naturally. Her vocals are amazing. They flow over each beat with an easiness and simplicity. Each song is tagged with the location where it was recorded, but the mixing and mastering of each song keep a consistent tone. When she is accompanied by extra instruments like a clean electric guitar, it serves to give her song more depth, but still focuses on her voice.

I don’t know how she can flow from Korean to English so easily, but it’s one of the first times it felt so natural. I don’t know how much the location affected the songs themselves, but the songs recorded at “Flat Nearby Nord Sea” are interesting. I’m curious to know if songs were written once she reached a specific location. The tone of those songs do sound a bit fuller than the studio recordings.

Even though Gonne Choi’s Real is five songs, she really presents a wonderful and full sound through the five songs. Her voice is very versatile and she’s another example of an artist who is taking influence from her surroundings. There’s something different about her presentation of music, which can be heard on Real.

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