It’s been a while since Neon Bunny has released solo work after spending time contributing to Smells‘ “Listen to Your Heart” and Demicat‘s “Singing Bird.” She’s crafted her skills over her two releases, but with Happy Ending released in July 2012, it’s been a while since she’s had solo work.

neon bunny it's you

Produced with the help of Demicat and American Producer Cliff, “It’s You” is an excellent return of Neon Bunny. The song sounds like a continuation of Happy Ending, where Neon Bunny welcomed electronic and synth with a retro tone. “It’s You” is an evolution that bridges the older work and really shows that Neon Bunny can perform and present amazing tracks. There is a definite influence from “Singing Bird” and “Listen to Your Heart” in “It’s You.”

The main difference is that Neon Bunny’s solo song sounds like a rebirth of her sound. She didn’t dramatically change anything from her previous songs, it sounds like there’s a lot more polish and confidence. “It’s You” is more of a teaser than anything else. The single song is a sample of the possibilities of where Neon Bunny’s music is going to go.

Does that mean she’s going to jump into an entirely pure electronic sound? Probably not, but if this collaboration between Demicat and Cliff shows anything, it’s that Neon Bunny is really positioning herself to build her presence again. I would expect an EP in the future and hopefully there are more collaborations that showcase her talent even more.

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