Magic Strawberry Sound’s 내가 너의 작곡가 is a loaded album. Featuring collaborations of all the artists on the label, they collaborated in performing songs that were composed by other members. It really allows the artists to explore different styles that they might not usually perform in.

magic strawberry sound

The first track is Yozoh performing a song composed by Unisexasaurus. “This Means Goodbye” is also one of the first times I’ve heard Yozoh sing only in English. It’s impressive how her voice fits the style of Unisexasarus so well. The next track is People and People with a song composed by Lucite Tokki. The styles of both groups are somewhat similar, but it’s fun to hear a more pop rock song from the band.

Sunwoo Jungha‘s “Rush” by K.afka is one of the biggest switches. K.afka’s signature electronic rock is very different from Sunwoo Jungha, but the end result is an impressive song that I wasn’t expecting. Then you have K.afka playing a song by Okdal (옥상달빛). This is also wide difference between the two groups. Hearing Chaeyoung‘s vocals not pushed through synth is interesting. Her vocals are clean and still very entrancing.

Simply put, you need to buy this. You need to listen through the whole album and see how the collaboration of the Magic Strawberry Sound artists created amazing music. It’s difficult to explain each track because you need to hear them all yourself.

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