It’s been a long time since I listened to Siwa. Even though I bought 시와, 커피 a little after it released, it was lost when I was updating and re-categorizing my music. Containing four songs, 시와, 커피 is still an excellent set of songs displaying her ability to create and arrange great songs. “그대의 우물에서” is a mellow and slow tempo song that reminds me of a slow Sunday just watching the sky and doing nothing. Her voice is warm and welcoming and it’s easy to get lost in each note.

siwa coffee 시와, 커피

“마시의 노래” is another standout song that focused on Siwa’s voice. The use of accordion to accent the verse along with the acoustic guitar accompaniment leads to a song that sounds like a mixture of different folk styles. The bare recording of the song adds to the theme of the song because it leads your ears to Siwa’s voice and how the accordion adds an opposing melody.

She continues into a new theme on “인사” which sounds much more ambient and infused with an influence of nature. It’s interesting how with this simple recording style, each song has a very direct impact on the ears. The slower tempos allow you to hear every note on each instrument and her vocals. I really enjoy hearing how she uses her vocal melody to add emotion to each beat.

It feels like it’s been a long time since Siwa has had a new EP or full length and even though 시와, 커피 was released in May 2013, it feels even longer. Hopefully she’s working on a longer release which can showcase more of her excellent music. She’s always a musician I enjoy hearing and it’s been too long.

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