Honestly, I don’t remember when I found Joa Band‘s full length 우리가 계절 이라면. But when I started listening to it again after I don’t know how long, I was immediately drawn into the indie pop style. The music comes across as “happy” on the first song “길을 잃기 위해서” though the layering of violin, guitar, and the simplistic percussion. Add in the melodic female vocals and the first song has entranced you.

joa band

Then the second song, “뽀뽀,” adds in horns in the intro and then the curiosity sets in as you wonder what else the trio are going to present. It sounds a bit like fun music that you’d hear someone playing in a park as you walked by. The instrumentals really add strong support to the vocals which never sound strained, but continue to push both the tempo and melody forward.

The full length has thirteen songs that all contain same basic elements, but the arrangements change depending on the song. “너 때문이야” features male vocals rather than the previous female vocals, which provide choral support on the song. It’s interesting how while the core of the arrangements are the same, the change in vocals gives the song a slightly different feeling.

우리가 계절 이라면 is a light and fun album to hear because it has the same core elements. Indie rock and indie pop make the foundation of each song, but the mixture of lead vocals and how the band uses tempo and rhythm create a set of songs that never get boring. It’s disappointing that I missed the album when it first released because it adds another style that I enjoy hearing alongside other genres of music.

Joa Band released a few singles over 2013, but 우리가 계절 이라면 looks like the trio’s first full length. There are previous releases, but this album is the place to start to hear all the talent and ability. It’s definitely going to take multiple playthoughs to hear all the smaller elements of songs and there is no problem with that at all.

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