I know Love X Stereo the best out of all the bands. I saw them twice in Seoul over the past couple years. When they arrived in the San Francisco area, I took them out to see Berkeley and the UC Berkeley campus. I knew what to expect from their performance.

Love X Stereo

While it was unfortunate that they weren’t able to have a real soundcheck, the members are very experienced with quick setup and preparation. After a quick check before the start of their set, Love X Stereo started. The order of the bands for Seoulsonic 2K14 continued to be excellent with the band transitioning from Smacksoft into their electronic rock sound.

Annie continues to impress each time I see her perform as the vocalist. While her off stage personality is a bit more laid back, the moment she goes on stage all the energy and intensity comes alive. Toby plays a strong position with all his effects and guitar playing on each song while Sol is the silent, but core support for each song. One thing I really like with the band is that the bass isn’t used a support for the guitar, but adds its own melody.

Love X Stereo played a lot of songs from their previous EPs like “Storm” and “Free Ass.” I think “Free Ass” surprised the audience a lot because of the repeated chorus. “Storm” sounded excellent as always and it remains one of my favorite songs. It was during this set that the crowd really started to dance. Like bands before, 30 minutes is a short set considering what I’ve seen before, but it’s a great sample of Love X Stereo.

As the middle band in the showcase, Love X Stereo got the crowd prepared for Glen Check and Idiotape. It looked like there were a lot of people who weren’t prepared for the variety of music that the Korean bands would bring, but the band appeared to impress a lot of attendees.

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