I’ve watched a lot of WeDance videos, but couldn’t ever find an album available online. I had to order one online before I was finally able to listen to the band. Produced Unfixed Vol 1 is exactly what I thought it would be. A set of excellent songs that feature really upbeat songs. Add in the guitar playing that never seems to stop and the vocals that fit the music perfectly, and WeDance makes their presence known.

wedance 01

Even though the music of WeDance sounds like a strange mix of rock music, there’s a lot more going on. The arrangements of each song are actually complex because of how each instrument mixes with each other. The guitar and vocals are the core of each song while the drums follow the general strumming and picking of the guitar. But even though the drums may play a follower, the rhythms are actually more diverse. It’s not a simple 4/4 time signature. That’s what makes WeDance’s music so interesting. A passing glance and you’ll miss how good the music can be.

Produced Unfixed Vol 1 contains nine songs, but they are dense. Somehow these songs sound much longer than they are. It could be how the band uses grooves that makes the length seem longer, or it could be that they really understand how to make great songs. I’m glad I was finally able to hear the album because I can finally listen to the band wherever I am.

WeDance is a band that has one of the best stage performances of any band I’ve seen. The live videos contain so much energy and the album is able to mirror that while being a little more restrained. If you ever have a chance to see them live, it will be worth it.

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