Hello everyone.

I made it a point that with each update of koreanindie.com that I would be transparent about the changes.

Today is the soft rollout of ads.

These are the rules that I want to keep.

  • No header, sidebar, or footer ads on the front page.
  • If there are ever background ads on the front page, they must be relevant.
  • Ads will exist on single post pages.

koreanindie ads

I think these simple rules will keep ads to a minimum while still allowing possible revenue to be earned. Since it’s a soft rollout, there’s a lot of experimentation involved. I’m trying to keep ad categories somewhat relevant, but I only have so much control. Though over time, more relevant ads should be displayed.

This test will run for a week to see how the ads function and I’ll be deciding the next steps afterwards.

I thank you again for your support and allowing these changes to help support the sustainability of koreanindie.com.


Korean Indie Editor-At-Large The person in the background watching over everything.