Kuang Program is a band that a lot of people asked if I listened to. It wasn’t available anywhere I could see online and I had to buy the physical cd online. From the first song, “Whatch” I finally realized why so many people like the album. It’s raw rock music. You Or Me doesn’t seem to hold any need for focusing on melody and presents the music directly.

kuang program you or me

Over the album, you really get a sense of how talented the members are. The different rhythms of the instruments have a complex layering. From the guitars that peek in verses, to the churning bass lines, and the drums that push each beat forward. I find that the drumming is outstanding, but unfortunately hidden within the mixing of the songs. It’s noticeable if you’re listening to it and you can hear how it supports each song.

You Or Me definitely requires a lot of repeat listens. It’s going to surprise you in the beginning and then you’ll be sucked into the music. Subsequent playthroughs after that and you’ll start to hear so much more. The album captures the band very well and there’s not a note lost.

Honestly, the arrangements on You Or Me are some of the best I’ve heard. The album has been hidden from me for a while, but now that I’m able to listen to it nonstop, I think it’s unfortunate that I missed it last year. Definitely listen to Kuang Program whenever you get a chance.

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