I was introduced to Lipsbite by friends in Korea. They talked about the band online and I was curious enough to take a listen. I thought with their name, the music would be pop rock, but the music is dance pop rock supported with synth.


That doesn’t make their music boring at all, but it’s a change from what I expected. 저기요 contains three songs with one song containing the original and radio edit versions. It’s not easy to get a true feeling for the band, but they have a lot in common with current bands using rock and synth except Lipsbite are focused on danceable music.

In some points, the band sounds like it’s trying to introduce more aggressive elements into the song, but can’t seem to go all the way. The second song on the single displays this the most. It carries a quick tempo and a lot of great rhythms, but feels like it’s holding back.

Lipsbite show an interesting style on the single, but I need to listen to other releases by the band before I can really get a grasp on them.

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