As one of the bands that was released during the massive bandcamp deployment by Magic Strawberry Sound, I was finally able to listen to people and people. The seven song EP, 친하게 지내자 is kind of what I expected from the videos I’d seen from the band before. The first song “399” is a very mellow guitar and keyboard backed song that is simple, but very well arranged.

people and people 친하게 지내자

The vocals differ depending on the song, but the core guitar and vocals continues throughout. It’s easy to enjoy the music because it’s arranged in a way that you don’t get lost inside a lot of different layers. “고래같은 마음” is like a continuation of “399” but adds both male and female vocals while building a choral call during the last third of the song. Even though the core of the songs are vocals and guitar, it’s through the use of different rhythms though those tools that make each song interesting to hear.

“애정만세” uses a mixture of eighth notes on the guitar and triplets during certain verses to give the song a feeling of constantly falling sounds. It’s a great way to expand on the limited instruments and keep everything flowing. Released in 2012, 친하게 지내자 also contains one of my favorite instruments: kazoo. “특별한 사람” uses it on the introduction to the song and then the vocals take over by using different tempos to go through the lyrics.

It’s amazing how people and people make 친하게 지내자 feel like more than just a guitar and two vocalists. There are added instruments later in the song, but the core style is simple acoustic songs that are made really well. Hopefully, Magic Strawberry Sound can release the other singles in a packaged EP. It’s been a couple years since the release of 친하게 지내자 so hearing a full length would be great.

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