When you hear Whang Bo Ryung, the first connection is Smacksoft. The mixture of rock, post-rock, and punk music that Smacksoft plays has its own direction and sound. As If Nothing Ever Happened is Whang Bo Ryung’s acoustic EP, going into a different direction than her previous work in a full band. The EP has a lot of guests though, so Whang Bo Ryung is still mixing her signature vocals with others.

whang bo ryung as if nothing ever happened

“Everyday” features Chang Seung Chul (방승철) giving an echo to Whang Bo Ryung’s voice. On “Dreamer of Myths” Han Hee Jung (한희정) provides choral vocals on different verses. It’s amazing how well the two different vocal styles mix together. Whang Bo Ryung’s vocals aren’t exactly on-key melodic, but the emotion that flows from her voice is easily heard and appreciated.

The style of music on As If Nothing Ever Happened isn’t a huge step from Smacksoft, but does have a different tone with the focus of acoustic guitar and minimalist accompanying instruments. Just listen to ‘Cat Song,” which sounds like a lullaby and you get a feeling for the difference of this EP has to other releases. It’s great to hear Whang Bo Ryung in a different style, which isn’t a jump from Smacksoft’s music, but sounds much more intimate.

The variety found on As If Nothing Ever Happened is great. It’s a showcase of the talent of Whang Bo Ryung and how well she can compose songs that aren’t expected from her. If you’re a fan of Smacksoft, then you have to listen to this EP. It’s a bookend to all the music that’s been composed by Whang Bo Ryung and helps you appreciate the talent she has in making music.

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