I remember when I stumbled into Club FF in Hongdae and saw the four members of The Lads get up on stage. A mismatched group of musicians, I was impressed once they started playing. I bought their demo at the show and finally got 청춘, their official EP. The music is the same, but the level of ability has grown a lot from when I saw them live.

The Lads 청년들 청춘

The five song demo contains barely enough music. The style of The Lads is upbeat and fun. It sounds like a mixture of pop rock and some British influences, but it’s has a lot of smaller elements. Some 50s rock is also evident. Overall, it’s music that is easy to dance to and easy to get absorbed into. Songs like “조용한 노래” are slower tempo songs that pulls you in really quickly through the vocals.

Then jump to “Texas Song” and it’s a medium tempo song that captures you through the guitars and vocals again. The drumming on each song supports each song really well. The one thing that the EP needs is better mastering. While each instrument is easily heard, everything sounds a bit flat. Only on specific verses does each instrument have a voice. Vocals sit in between each instrument.

Overall, 청춘 is the best representation of the band in recorded form, but the power and style of The Lads can really only be seen and heard live. I do hope that the band is able to record a full-length that can accurately showcase the power of the songs. This recording of the band is good, but it’s hard to hear everything.

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