Unfortunately, my only viewing of HarryBigButton has been through YouTube. I do think that their live performances are probably pretty amazing. King’s Life released in 2012 and Control had only a taste in 2013. Perfect Storm is a proper return in 2014 as displayed with the song “Coffee, Cigarettes And Rock’N’Roll.”

harrybigbutton perfect storm

With lyrics in English, HarryBigButton’s hard rock talents are on point. Just listen to the opener “Trust Game” and you immediately are immersed in the music. The music is simplistic in the point that it presents an aggressive tempo and Sungsoo Lee‘s raspy vocals. Perfect Storm’s recording and mixing captures the intensity of the band perfectly, which is probably even stronger during a live show.

With five songs, the EP is a welcome return of HarryBigButton, but it’s a small taste. In fact, after listening to Perfect Storm, you want to hear more music. There isn’t another band that I can think of that has this particular style and at the same time, the style of HarryBigButton can easily be appreciated by international audiences. Just listening to the arrangements of the songs that support the vocals and you can imagine how powerful they are.

Perfect Storm is a perfect addition to any hard rock fan. It has the attitude, emotion, and style that makes each song addictive. Thankfully, the mix of the EP doesn’t drown out any instrument so each one is heard properly. This means that what you hear is an accurate depiction of the band.

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