I didn’t hear about Gyogyoyoram until I was looking through CDs to buy on YesAsia. I thought the album cover was interesting and ordered it. After I got the album in the mail, I took a couple of days listening to it. Gyogyoyoram is lead through the female vocals. They’re lower in key, with a more somber and moodier tone. The music around the vocals is also has the same tone, but that makes the music more interesting.

gyogyoyoram unfinished

The album feels like it starts with the second track, “별 말 없이도.” A medium tempo song that is pushed with the keyboards and guitar. Gyogyoyoram is self-described as “melancholy, bittersweet, complex, happysad, love or hate” and I think that’s the exactly words for the music. It’s also interesting that the EP is called Unfinished because it does feel like that. “별 말 없이도” seems to just fade out without a proper ending. Then the next song “후회하고 싶지 않아” is an acoustic song with mixed male and female vocals. The song is layered with a lot of different instruments and it’s difficult to know which one is leading the song. Even though there’s a slight jumbling of sounds, the song is interesting to hear.

I really enjoy “Re-Fair” because it has a very ominous and haunting sound. The aren’t any percussion elements on the song, but there are some strange background noises that play. The combination of the vocals and electric guitar in a room that sounds like there’s a lot of echoes gives an really dense feeling to the song. This album definitely doesn’t give a lot of upbeat tempos, but the darker tones can be a welcome change. Like other songs, it seems to end really abruptly.

Then you hear “무기력의 시간” which uses a drum sample to provide a tempo with the vocals and guitar pushing the song forward. The latter half of Unfinished seems to have more intensity than the beginning. These backend songs are much more interesting in arrangement and while using a variety of tempos, seems to move rather fast.

The eight songs on Unfinished are of two sides. There are more customary electric guitar and vocals while the other side is darker and somehow a little industrial in the recording of the songs. Gyogyoyoram definitely lives up to the style that’s described while still giving a good variety to the music. I’m definitely interested in hearing what other songs Gyogyoyoram can produce.

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