After Monkeyz released 너라는 사람의 노래, the band supported the album through live performances. I didn’t know there was any new music coming until guitarist Minyoung emailed me about Verb. This two song single sounds like Monkeyz, but somehow sounds even more complex compared to their melodic rock songs from before.

monkeyz verb

The lead track is “Best of You” which starts with Latin percussion polyrhythm then an electronic synth introduction right before it starts with vocalist Jaechul joined with a choral background. His voice is easily recognizable as a main point of the sound of Monkeyz. The different with “Best of You” is that it sounds very technical. All the members of the band are excellent musicians and it really shows on the song.

너라는 사람의 노래 was an excellent album, showcasing the melodic rock that the band is most known for. But “Best of You” is like the band took a major step in evolution. The song still contains the same core Monkeyz style, but it just has a more professional tone. It’s easily become one of my favorite songs by the band.

“Dreamer” is the other single and is more a return to the recognizable sound of the band. While I never really hear it live, there’s a bigger use of keyboard effects on the song. The song is still structured so that each member of the band is able to support the weight of the song without being overshadowed. It’s interesting to hear how “Dreamer” sounds simpler to the ears than “Best of You,” but in fact contains as much instrument arrangement. Monkeyz is that band that fits all the time. It’s a quick pick-me-up because of the energy and strength of each song.

The single was used on MBC’s World Cup Special, giving a broader audience a chance to discover the band. I especially enjoy that the band records choral secondary vocals together, which I saw when I ran into them when they were recording 너라는 사람의 노래. The only problem with Verb is that it’s too short. The talent of the band can be seen on the full-length, but two new songs isn’t enough.

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