I seem to find more of my music on bandcamp. One of the latest is OOHYO. Knowing pretty much nothing about her, the things I do know is that she can sing in English as well as Korean and uses a self-described “synthpop” style. Regardless, Girl Sense is excellent. The EP consists of eight songs, two of which are a Korean version of “Vineyard” and a radio edit version of “Girl Sense.” While I was drawn to the instrumentals of OOHYO, it’s really her voice that made me listen to the release on repeat.

oohyo girl sense

Somehow Girl Sense bridges a lot of familiar sounds of Korean electronic music along with some American producer styles. Considering I don’t listen to much American music, this is all recollection from old songs. The first song “This Is Why We’re Breaking Up” is the perfect introduction. While I don’t listen to lyrics that often, there’s a definite melancholy emotion that comes though. I’m not sure who the male vocals come from, but they blend with OOHYO’s voice really well.

Another strong song is “Vineyard” which is a bit more of an indie pop song as opposed to synthpop. The instrumentals consist of keyboards, drums, and synth; but it’s her voice that carries the song. I’m not sure if she’s ever straining her voice on any song, but it’s easily able to carry the song. “Girl Sense (소녀감성100퍼센트)” is among my favorites. It has a electronic pop core while still sounding like a indie pop song. I’m really curious how long it took to arrange the song because the various elements of the song layer over each other perfectly.

Girl Sense is a great release. It’s synthpop sound can bridge a lot of genres with its heavy focus on melody while using electronic sounds to create the soundscapes. There isn’t a weak song on the EP and it’s easy to get drawn into the music on repeat. Somehow I listened to the EP three times in a row before I realized it.

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