The Solutions self-titled debut is still an album that I consistently play. The British rock influenced style was a lot of fun to listen to and it has an ageless quality. Movements is the duos second album which moves into a slightly different direction. The first single “Movements” is heavy on electronic rock, but still contains the same excellent energy that was on the first album.


If anything, The Solutions have released another strong album that shows a different set of influences while still applying the British rock style that they used previously. The album follows the same structure as well. Songs are sung in English. The tempo of songs on Movements is more direct. “Can’t Wait” describes the song because of the pulsing bass beat. They find more familiar ground with “I Don’t Wanna” which would have fit The Solutions.

Synth is more prominent on the second album, but doesn’t overshadow the arrangements of any of the songs. When the band uses synth, it plays a big part of the melody without covering the normal instrument sound. It’s hard to call out any favorites, but “Sailor’s Song” is a standout. It’s a big slower than other songs, but comes across as one of the stronger tracks. Ten songs might not seem like a lot, but with The Solutions, the album dictates that you’ll be playing it over and over.

The Solutions produced another excellent album. Somehow the collaboration between the pair results in different, but addictive music. The evolution of the style isn’t huge, but going from the first release to Movements and you can hear a noticeable change. Movements is an amazing album that will probably get a lot of attention and it deserves it.

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