When I think of Human Race, they’re one of those bands that I’ve heard only a little of but enjoy hearing their sound any time of the day. Recently the band has been releasing videos on YouTube and I found that they were going to release a full length album. When I listened to 추억의 습관, it brought me back a few years.

human race

That’s the emotion that comes through the album. It’s a strong melodic rock album with vocals that present themselves with a ballad style. Vocals seem to come in half-time to the tempo, but they are insanely strong. Listen to the first song “Love” and you’ll understand. The band reminds me of an earlier Nell before the synth became such a big part of the music.

Human Race’s music has a honestly that come through the vocals. It feels emotionally heavy and the excellent instrumentals that help support the vocals is never forgotten. While 추억의 습관 is a melodic rock album, it’s very easy to get lost in the music. Considering the album has ten songs, it feels even longer than that, but doesn’t have a problem with sounding like it’s dragging.

If you’ve been wanting some heavy melodic rock music, Human Race have you covered. I wonder how strong the band can be live because it sounds like the band’s presence could be overwhelming and YouTube isn’t an accurate portrayal. There isn’t a song that drags the album down and by the end you’ll probably want to play it again.

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