I had only previously seen some live performances by The Barberettes on YouTube. It was surprising to see a 1960s influenced female trio, especially in Seoul. Live videos continued to appear here and there until The Barberettes first music video “가시내들” which I watched a few times. It was interesting to hear an officially recorded song.

the barberettes 1st album

Then listening to 바버렛츠 소곡집 #1, I found that the expanded sound of The Barberettes is very unique and original. While it may not be original in the style, the resulting nine songs are very good. It sits outside the normal music I listen to, but has the ability to get stuck in your head immediately. The doo-wop style is the overall sound, but they do explore other styles like on “봄맞이” which sounds like a Korean folk song. “비가 오거든” also has a different style which contains vocals that are more powerful than other songs.

The Barberettes are a big step away from other styles that are played in South Korea. It may even be that a lot of people have never really heard 60s doo-wop influenced music. Even I only had a small introduction a long time ago. But the first album sounds fresh. It’s different and uses an old style in excellent ways. I’m not sure what reactions will be, but I can’t see anyone not enjoying 바버렛츠 소곡집 #1.

This release by The Barberettes is a perfect example of the variety of music that South Korea can have. It’s really all up to the musicians in what they want to explore. If you’ve been looking for something different and new, then The Barberettes are perfect. The album is timeless, which is proven by the style of music the trio decided to pursue.

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