Self proclaimed pop-indie singer-songwriter and sound engineer, Jhameel has been compared to legendary pop singers such as Michael Jackson and Prince for his style of music and production. I was first introduced to one of his earlier releases, White Lie, while I was viciously digging for Korean American indie singers and thought immediately, Where did he come from and where can I get more of him.

Jhameel started making YouTube videos four year ago in the comfort of his garage playing around with a few simple instruments, a cheery melody, and passion for music. Coming out of the ROTC program during his college years, Jhameel revealed in various interviews that he had a huge ‘life crisis’ while he was enrolled in the program and needed to ‘get out.’

Soon after, Jhameel chased viciously after his dream of pursuing music and becoming a sound engineer. He now produces, mixes, creates, writes, and sings all his original songs.


Please introduce yourself to our Koreanindie readers

Hello! I’m Jhameel, a YouTube pop artist from Los Angeles 🙂

Can you describe your sound in three words?

funky, ethereal, poppy

How do you feel when your fans have compared your sound to legendary artists such as Michael Jackson and/or Prince? 

It’s a huge honor when I hear that but I still feel like I have a long way to go. I’m still learning and improving so much in the way I perform my instruments, control my voice, and dance, so when I see their life’s work it’s still very daunting to me. But I’m definitely doing my best to live up that comparison.

Which song would you say is your best work as a sound engineer & which song (of yours) is your favorite? 

As a sound engineer I think “Poison” is probably my best work. It was a huge challenge to have that diversity and intensity in dynamics and how the impacts hit your ears while still keeping it smooth and easy to listen to. My personal favorite right now is “Feisty” it just feels good to listen to 🙂

As an Asian-American indie artist, how do you feel?

I think it’s so exciting, especially in regards to image. I feel like there’s so much potential for Asian-Americans to be portrayed in so many cool ways and so much of it is still unexplored. I love being able to take influence from the richness of American culture and put a unique twist on it based on who I am. I think then it becomes something that’s fresh and new not only to Americans but to the rest ofthe world as well.

Are you familiar with any Korean indie artists in Korea? If so, who would be your favorite?

When I was in Singapore, I saw a Korean indie band called Daybreak.  They were absolutely incredible live, such good vibes and stage presence, immediate favorites of mine.

Where do you find your inspiration?

I find inspiration by looking at the extreme highs and lows of my life and the people around me, then twist them to create fantasies.  It’s almost like writing a fantasy book based on reality if that makes sense.

What made you want to do those “drunk performance” videos? Are you planning on making any more of them anytime soon?

Honestly back when we had close to 1000 fans (on YouTube), I just randomly thought it’d be funny to just get drunk when we hit that number.  Then people kept expecting them every time we hit milestones… and now we’re almost at 20,000 fans so..

Would you ever want to perform in Korea?

A Korea tour would be absolutely amazing, let’s make it happen 😀

Any lasting words/comments? 

Thanks so much for having me 🙂 Love what is doing!

Jhameel’s recent album, Lion’s Den, can be purchased through both Bandcamp and iTunes today. Special thanks to Jhameel for making the first post of Indie Spotlight extra special by agreeing to a short interview!

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