Han Guk In‘s Longgoodbye has been sitting in my library for a long time. I listened to it a couple times, but once again, it got buried among a bunch of other releases. Finally sitting down with it again, I still appreciate the simple style of the EP.

han guk in longgoodbye

His style is vocals and guitar. Whether that includes multiple guitars like on the first song “423” or not, the layered melodies are very easy to get into. His voice is soft and fits with the guitar perfectly. “423” is a slow tempo song, but there’s care with each verse. It doesn’t feel rushed at all. Longgoodbye is a bit of a mix of folk and indie rock. “Longgoodbye” expands the song with accompaniment by a drum set, but I don’t know if there was a bass added because the guitars seem to hold the most prominent place in the recording.

Han Guk In is a great listen because the composition of the songs are easily recognizable. They’re the standard verse to verse to chorus, but regardless if you don’t understand the lyrics, the emotion that comes from his voice is understood. I really enjoy how easily his voice centers each song. The one weakness that appears is that his songs have the tendency to sound very similar. At the start of each song, it’s difficult to really hear a difference and it takes until the middle of the first verse to really hear a difference.

There are a lot of folk and coffee-shop style musicans, but Han Guk In has a way of standing apart from the group. Longgoodbye is a concise EP, but has very good songs. If you enjoy this style, then it’s worth listening to him.

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