When Phonebooth released Wonder, I knew that I had heard of the band before. When I went to my library, I realized I had a couple of previous albums. Wonder became a new first impression. The album is very solid, the song “붉은 책 (Feat. 서승택 of Pink Elephant)” isn’t something that I expected to hear. The style of the song mixes a lot of genres together while focusing everything with a rock base.

phonebooth wonder

“재클린” is more of a standard rock song, but the energy of the band really comes across. It’s easy to get entranced by the music. The songs do go in a lot of different directions like with “바람이 분다” which is a slower melodic rock song. It’s still addictive. Wonder is also a bit long with 13 songs, but somehow it goes by very quickly. I listened through the album once and was in the middle of my second playthrough before I realized I missed a lot of songs.

If you like melodic rock, then Phonebooth is the perfect band. Even though the songs are arranged in a familiar and standard way, the recording of each song is excellent. Each instrument is clear and the vocals blend well in the mix. It could have easily been a vocal-heavy album, but the balance is perfect. Their last full length was years ago and I wonder what the band did between that time with only a couple of singles being released, but if it was because of a break then it paid off.

Phonebooth have been around for a good number of years, but I think this is the first album that people should get if they’ve never heard the band before. Just listen to “낯선 날” and you’ll know why. There are tons of bands that play rock music, but Phonebooth have really impressed me with Wonder. It’s quickly become a regular in my rotation.

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