Haihm‘s artistic versatility shines through in her music. Although mainly an electronic musician, she is also well-versed in the pop, classical, and jazz realms. She has trained as a classical pianist and has worked with pop acts such as BoA, Yoon Gun, and TVXQ. Not only does she write music, but she also sings, arranges, and produces her music independently. In her music, you can witness a variety of musical flavors and genres; although it is mostly electronic, it holds glimpses of all of the other genres mentioned above.

haihm point 9

In 2008, Haihm released her first full album, haihm, which was predominately jazzy and sweet. But with this recent EP, Point 9, Haihm shows a side that is much more mature and brooding. Compared to the last, this album relies more heavily on electronics, which Haihm handles with utmost eloquence.

However, it does take a while for the album to sizzle. The opening track, “9.9,” is well done but emotionally lukewarm. The title track, “울지않는새” is initially the same way. But two minutes in, it starts to prove its point, introducing an impressive fiesta of splattering electronics and funky beats.

“glanz” is when Point 9 really starts to take off. The track is framed by compelling harmonies and melodies that are effective at holding the listener’s attention. The electronics shudder and burst underneath Haihm, who sings in a chillingly resigned manner. “glanz” is at once fragile and intense; although there are plenty of delicate and dreamy textures, they are constantly fighting against a storm brewing underneath.

The intricate “edgar” showcases Haihm’s electronic finesse. Busy with twinkling and crackling textures, it’s the electronic equivalent of popcorn popping in your ears. The track deepens gradually as the bass grows, Haihm’s voice comes in, and sporadic accents are thrown about. Despite being very taut, it leaves some room for a couple of refreshingly slow and dreamy sections.

“작고하얀 사람들” is a finale that packs a punch. The tense verses are relieved by the choruses, which feature a grandiose melody and electronic surges. The song is Point 9’s cathartic moment; it is more intense and muscular than anything else on the album, moreover anything else in Haihm’s entire discography.

What sets Point 9 apart from any other electronic glitch album is its emotional depth. It’s difficult to find an electronic glitch album with not only impressive electronic work, but compelling harmonic, melodic, and emotional content as well. Haihm offers this in Point 9, making for quite the electronic treat.

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