The start of Sixty-Eight, Twenty-Two begins with a small audio clip from God Bless America, a small independent movie. While it’s only about ten seconds, that intro sets up …Whatever that Means‘ album. At its core, Sixty-Eight, Twenty-Two is a punk rock album. It reminds me a lot of the Fat Wreck Chords bands that I listened to in the late 1990s.

whatever that means sixty-eight twenty-two

…Whatever that Means play a melodic punk style that’s immediately recognizable for anyone who listened to punk rock in the US. It comes across as honest and full of energy and reminiscent of the times before commercial pop punk took hold. Sung in English, it sits naturally next to any release from the 90s. That’s one of the best qualities of the album. It’s timeless. If you heard it through a playlist, you’d think it was an older song.

I don’t know how Whatever That Means were able to capture the essence of the style so well. As the album progresses, each song improves on the one before it. It’s possible to hear hints of so many other bands, but …Whatever that Means have a unique sound to themselves. You could say that Sixty-Eight, Twenty-Two is a simple album, with the use of repeating chords on the guitar and a consistent bass and drum accompaniment, but Whatever That Means have an excellent album.

Punk is still a genre that I have difficulty finding a lot of music from. The ten songs on Sixty-Eight, Twenty-Two prove again that there are a lot of bands, it just takes effort to find them. IF you’ve been missing punk, then this is the album to get.

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