For any fans of Fromm’s first album, her new single Under the Daylight Moon is a treat. It may only be three new songs, but it presents the different facets of her style. If you don’t know her yet, this is a good chance to check her out without committing to the length of an entire album.

fromm under the daylight moon

“A Spring Day Out” is the song that draws you in. It’s peppy, energetic and as fun as anything you would hear on the radio. Driven by the piano playing a staccato rhythm and accented with all sorts of fun percussion, it separates the verses from the chorus by making the chorus a majestic affair – smooth and flowing in comparison to the staccato verses. It especially shines when she adds a layer of chanting underneath. “A Spring Day Out” rivals both “사랑 아니었나” and “마중가는 길,” the singles she released prior to Arrival, and I would argue that it’s even catchier and poppier than either of those.

“Under the Daylight Moon” is a completely different affair; it’s the heartstring-plucker. If “A Spring Day Out” is the song that piques your interest, then “Under the Daylight Moon” is the one that makes you stay for more. Fromm has an incredible voice, and it’s completely mesmerizing here in all of its sincerity and charm. Her voice isn’t the only draw though. The melody has a hint of familiarity and feels comfortable and lived-in, like someone inviting you into their home. The most compelling moment is perhaps the slight pause near the end after the final chorus. It comes in like a hesitant intake of breath, and it’s amazing how so much can be said by saying nothing at all.

“A Memory of Spring” is not quite as interesting as the first two songs on this single. It shows off her piano chops, and it works very well in the context of this set. It feels more desperate in its emotions than “Under the Daylight Moon”, like the dramatic score of a fairy tale. There is no question about how pretty it is though, and the strings feature most heavily here.

While only ten minutes total of music, there is a lot to love here and absolutely nothing to miss out on. I hope that this single is a teaser for forthcoming music, but I would not be surprised if it is supposed to be its own separate release, because it feels like an inseparable unit on its own. That said though, Fromm is one of the musicians to keep an eye on. She has quite a future ahead of her, and you don’t want to straggle.

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