When I found out that PATiENTS was a hybrid punk band with keyboards, but no lead guitar I was curious to know if that could work. Listening to PATiENTS’ Let’s Drive, Let’s Go, I realize that it’s possible, it just sounds strange at first.

patients let's drive let's go

You wouldn’t think that any description of punk would work without a lead guitar and power chords, but PATiENTS somehow combine keyboards, bass, and drums together to make something strangely addicting. With the keyboards, songs are given a stronger melodic focus and the versatility of keyboards really changes the style a bit. The way that Patients make music sounds like a total collaboration with each part of the song organically being added.

You could say that Let’s Drive, Let’s Go is a pop rock album based solely on the music, but there’s another layer to the music. One of the only things that sounds strange about the music is the recording of the bass guitar which for some reason sounds like it was run through a distortion pedal, losing some of the low end of the instrument. The way the bass comes across in songs is the only distracting aspect of the songs and I wish that it sounded a bit more in sync with the other instruments.

Let’s Drive, Let’s Go is short with four songs, but serves as a reintroduction to the band as they went through member changes before decided to include keyboards into their music. While keeping a punk mentality in their music, PATiENTS have really released a hybrid style that’s strange at first, but gets interesting really quick.

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