There are some bands that present their musical style with so much confidence that you can’t not like them. GOGOSTAR is one of those bands. Their style is so undeniably wacky — a mix of synth-pop, punk, disco, and rock — that when I listen to them, I can’t help but have fun with them as well.

gogostar broken night

Their confidence comes out in some of the brave choices they make with their arrangements. I appreciate how they play around with a breadth of different synth textures and effects and aren’t afraid to drive with some strange ideas. But they throw some elegant harmonies and melodies in with the craziness as well.

Broken Night is like a pop album except more inventive and personalized. It doesn’t wander far from pop music melodically or rhythmically, but the performances and arrangements bring a distinctly different energy to the table. GOGOSTAR certainly place more creative emphasis on their instrumentals than their melodies or rhythms.

There were moments while listening to the album when I wished the overall sound was a little less “poppy” and a little more grungy/rock’n’roll-esque. Sometimes the album feels a bit too neat and calculated for its own good. I think GOGOSTAR have that raw energy in them and that infusing it into this album would make it more invigorating and convincing.

Nonetheless, there’s no denying that Broken Night is a whole lot of fun, and I admire GOGOSTAR as always for their cooky and refreshing musical style.

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