The middle of 2013 had a lot of releases. I found Amado LeeJaram Band during the summer and their full-length was released in April. The music of the band is interesting because it’s a mix of folk and indie rock. One descriptor I would use is “quirky.” It sounds pretty standard on the surface, being a little weird. But as the album progresses, you start to hear a lot of layers in the music. Amado LeeJaram Band’s music has a unique signature from the way the percussion seems to do more than just keep the tempo and the vocals are different from other bands around.


Debut‘s core is folk music, but not in the sense of simple and mellow songs. Amado LeeJaram Band’s songs are entrancing. The composition of every song is different and each instrument works to support the song rather than just follow the melody. At times, it sounds like instruments drop in and out to further the tone. The band does a great job keeping the songs moving, even when there isn’t much going on in songs.

With ten songs, Amado LeeJaram Band’s first release is impressive. Each track sounds like it’s been composed and refined because each one doesn’t have the straightforward verse-chorus-verse-chorus-bridge-chorus arrangement. The vocals may be the center of the songs, but the other members help define each beat and melody.

I wish I had taken the time to listen to Amado LeeJaram Band much earlier because it’s an impressive album. I can’t think of another group that takes non-standard arrangements and produces them so successfully. I’m not sure how soon the band will have new music, but they are one that I would like to see live.

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