I’m usually skeptical of short EPs when I find them because they usually serve as a quick introduction to a band. With XOX‘s Chaosmos, the band is able to do a lot with four songs. The trio use guitar, synthesizer, and drums to create their music. XOX is able to create layered songs with these tools and as a self-described “garageband, synth, and rock,” they accurately describe the music.

xox chaosmos

The first song, “Utopia,” has a bit of a game soundtrack feel through the alternating voices of the guitar and synthesizer which have two different melodies. They don’t clash and let you hear different sounds in the same song. The strong drumming in the background unifies everything together perfectly.

Chaosmos switches tone by adding vocals and a faster tempo with “Theque(The Earth).” It’s somewhat similar to Haute Couture by Glen Check, but has its own unique sound. I like the song because there’s a more recognizable arrangement as a song. Also the fact that it has high energy. “Love and Peace” actually sounds like a continuation of “Theque(The Earth).” That doesn’t detract from the song, but allows both to exist as separate songs or one combined track.

“Relation(Sketches)” sounds a bit more like “Utopia,” but serves as a good bookend to the EP. At almost thirteen minutes, the slower tempo and expanded sound allows for more experimentation. It’s a good song, but with the talent shown on “Theque(The Earth)” and “Love and Peace” it can fall a little flat.

XOX are a new discovery and I don’t know much about the band. But if Chaosmos is an indication of the talent behind the trio, then there’s a lot of potential in more music. There are two possible directions the band could go from the music on Chaosmos, but I hope it’s more in the rock direction because they really have an excellent sound there.

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