I don’t listen to a lot of mellow rock, but Achtung‘s Record is an album that has found its way into my library. The band have a low-key pop rock style that is shown off brilliantly on the album. Depending on the song, Record moves from slower ballad-esque songs to faster upbeat tracks. It’s perfect for people looking for a strong melodic album.

achtung record

It’s interesting because it shows a different side of music that a lot of people may miss. “서투른 고백” is a fast paced song, but it doesn’t ever miss a chance to show off multiple melodies across different instruments like piano or trumpet. The album thrives in the style so well that it’s easy to hear a signature sound. Achtung definitely have a recognizable style and that can be shown by “Fool.”

Over the eleven tracks, Achtung provide a lot of variety which also shows their talent. Regardless of the song, they really know how to compose interesting songs. “자유로운 선택” plays that coffee shop style that’s easy to get entranced to and that speaks to the whole album. There isn’t a song that you’ll want to skip over, especially if this is your preferred style.

Record is a solid record that will speak to pop rock fans. It’s a strong and solid album that has all the right elements. The arrangement of songs is perfect and it’s likely you’ll play the album on repeat. In terms of pop rock, there are a lot of different bands, but Achtung make their mark with Record perfectly.

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