PATiENTS went to the United Kingdom to show off their hybrid punk style for another audience earlier this year and they’re doing it again with their upcoming tour to Taiwan for Beastie Rock. This tour is a bit shorter, but will still give the band a chance to display their style of punk to a new audience.

Before they leave, I sent some questions over to the band and Sumin Jo, bassist and vocalist, answered some questions about Liverpool Sound City and playing in Taiwan for the first time.

Here are the dates for PATiENTS’ Taiwan tour.

September 10 Tainan, Taiwan @ TCRC
September 11 Kaohsiung, Taiwan @ Paramount Bar
September 13 Taipei, Taiwan @ Beastie Rock Festival

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How was PATiENTS’ UK tour?

It was a lot of fun! It was a bit challenging at times, but we learned lots and met many great people too. So we were really happy with the way things went. We plan to go back to the UK again next spring and I think our second trip will go even better than our first one.

What was the audience reaction to your live shows in the UK?

The reaction was really good. There was lots of people dancing at the shows which was awesome to see. I’m sure they didn’t understand what we were singing about, but they still had an immediate reaction to it. That made us happy.

Did anything unexpected happen during your UK tour?

We made a lot more new friends than we were expecting. And the reactions we got from people were much better than we were expecting as well. Before the tour, I thought we were going to experience many, many hardships and was bracing myself for those challenges. But the enjoyment each day of gigging in different cities and meeting new bands and music fans far exceeded any minor problems we encountered.

What are your favorite memories from your UK tour?

I had a really good time at Liverpool Sound City. It was great getting to perform and explore so many music venues in a city with such a rich music history. And the final show of our tour at Astbury Castle in London was amazing too. Astbury Castle is a house that puts on concerts. We played in their kitchen and it was definitely an explosive night. The audience was wild! Everyone was dancing and people were crowd surfing across the kitchen. It was such a fun and crazy experience for us.

Is this PATiENTS first time playing live in Taiwan?

Yes, this is the first time for us to play in Taiwan. It’s also our first time visiting the country. All three of us are really excited about the trip.

Compared to the audiences in South Korea and the UK, how do you think the audience in Taiwan will react to your music?

I’m not sure how people will react We’ve heard good things about indie fans in Taiwan so we hope the people there come to our shows and have fun with us. It’s always a rush to play for a completely new audience and we’ll definitely be playing the best sets that we can to help us make a strong and lasting first impression.

Are there any bands that PATiENTS want to see at Beastie Rock Festival?

We want to try and see as many bands as possible during the festival. We don’t know much about Taiwan’s indie scene so Beastie Rock will be a great way for us to watch and hopefully meet lots of local bands. I want to see other bands in Taiwan play as much as I want to play myself!

Korean music is growing in interest internationally, do you think people overseas are getting more curious about different Korean bands?

Yes, I definitely felt that during our UK tour. We came across lots of people there who were really interested in Korean culture and music, especially in London. I’m not sure if Taiwan will be the same as that but we’ll find out next week! PATiENTS hope to tour more and more overseas in the future. We’re going to try and get more attention for our band too. We’d love for people to see us play and then want to learn more about other Korean acts after that.

Aside from your recent tour EP, do you have any plans for more new music? Like a full length?

We started recording our new full-length album a few days ago! There’s going to be 10 tracks on the album and we’re aiming to release it in January 2015. We’re working on plans on how to promote the album in Korea and overseas now. We’re excited about our new songs and hope other people like them as much as we do!

Do you have anything to say to readers? Especially those that might be going to Beastie Rock Festival?

All three of us get really psyched when we think about the audiences we’re going to meet next week at Beastie Rock and at the other venues we’ll play in Taiwan. PATiENTS are planning to have a great time with all of you and we hope we can all have fun and be happy together! And for readers outside of Taiwan, we plan to tour more new places in 2015 when our new album is out. We hope we can hang out with all of you soon!

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